Welcome to the Official Website of 11th Hour, a 4 member band that delivers solid Original and Cover Rock music. 
11th Hour can entertain audiences with smooth acoustic sounds or with a full rock band configuration.
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Cool things people said about us!

Dena Cassella of The Island Sun Weekly
    “Their songs are earnest and universal; their lyrics pull memories from your ears revealing the forgotten angst, joy, loneliness you’d locked away.”

Dave Lawrence of Hawaii Public Radio
    “On the album: it was original and offered a variety of rock flavors while maintaining a consistent sound. Love Don't Hate is my favorite 11th Hour song, and I think it sounds, as many of the songs do, like something that lends itself to acoustic experimentation. That quality is true about much of the album, which is sort of a cross between traditional classic rock styles and alternative approaches from the nineties grunge/Seattle bands. It will be interesting to see where they go.”

Kevin Jones of Star 101.9FM
“11th Hour sounds amazing live and recorded - get their new record ‘Kilroy Was Here’”

Bernadette Baraquio of Living Local with the Baraquio’s
“11th Hour ROCKS! Fresh sound with girl power on drums make a great combination for feelgood music. “Love, Don’t Hate” among my faves. Check it out ...don’t wait til the 11th Hour to enjoy awesome rock.”

Tim McGinnis, Producer of Pacific Daydreams on O’lelo TV
“11th Hour, a dynamic fresh sound that will blow the shingles off the roof.”

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